A Smarter Path to Oncology Data

2 Apr

Molecular biology has revolutionized evidence-based medicine, but we have a long way to go before we’ll truly know how biomarkers affect the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of cancer. What’s the challenge?

Real-world oncology patient data is extremely valuable, but access is frustratingly limited.

At Taproot Health, we’re out to change that. We have launched our first Master Observational Trial (MOT) to populate the first-of-its-kind National Oncology Database—a transparent data marketplace comprised of regulatory-grade, real-world patient data to benefit all stakeholders in cancer care.

Of all the clinical data collection methods, MOT is the best way to advance cancer testing and treatments at a more rapid pace. Learn why.

Read more about our groundbreaking MOT in the Jan. 9 issue of Cell.

Join Our Effort
Our goal is to create a robust database of tens of thousands of patients—which exists nowhere today—ultimately providing prospective insights for stronger research and faster time-to-market for novel cancer therapies. Will you join us?

Learn more about our MOT, national oncology database and our unique revenue-sharing model—and how it can benefit you.