The Registry of Oncology Outcomes associated with Testing and Treatment (ROOT), the first of its kind Master Observational Trial that collects detailed molecular testing and patient outcomes associated with targeted therapies fills a missing gap in cancer research. This national research effort provides the high-quality information that bridges the work of retrospective data extraction efforts and interventional clinical trials.


Cancer data is collected in two major manners. The first, interventional clinical trials, collect high-quality data on a few patients. Clinical trials generally only examine one type of disease state, one drug given at a specific time, and do not look at the entire care of the patient. Retrospective medical records can answer certain questions but lack standards in the way that tumors are tested and the way that physicians report outcomes, leading to significant gaps and variability in data quality.

ROOT applies the quality and consistency of traditional clinical trials to a platform that can collect a research grade summary of the care of any advanced cancer patient. ROOT expands upon and complements current research efforts. Information in the ROOT database can be used to advance new diagnostic testing, identify new treatments, and provide insight on how to personalize patient treatments.

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